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 Botingisfunny  - Do Your Breasts Hurt ?

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Do Your Breasts Hurt ?

Fibrocystic breast disease is a benign (non-cancerous) condition characterized by lumpiness and discomfort in one or both breasts. Fibrocystic breasts occur most often in women in their 20s to 50s. More than half of women experience fibrocystic breast changes at some point in their lives.


The symptoms can be limited in time, usually occurring only premenstrually.

Symptoms of fibrocystic breasts may include:

  • breast lumps
  • breast pain or tenderness
  • changes in both breasts
  • increase in breast pain and lumps’ size in the second half of your cycle


Your physician will examine your breasts manually to determine which, if any, diagnostic tools to use for further evaluation. These diagnostic tools include mammography, ultrasound, needle aspiration, and biopsy.

Natural steps to reduce symptoms of fibrocystic breasts:

  • Decrease estrogen from your diet, birth control pills, commercially raised meats.
  • Apply natural progesterone cream at a dose of 20mg per day from ovulation until 2 days before the onset of your periods.
  • Take Vitamin E 400IU per day.
  • Take evening primrose oil 3 grams per day.
  • Reduce caffeine-containing foods and drinks from your diet - chocolate, coffee, coke and tea.

Homeopathic treatment for fibrocystic breasts:

Homeopathy will re-balance your hormones naturally, alleviating not only breast symptoms but also affecting your ovulation, mood and sexual desire.
Homeopathy’s efficacy is often due to its holistic approach that treats the whole body. For example, breast soreness is often a sign of too much estrogen, a condition often caused by the liver that plays an important role in the estrogen metabolism. The homeopathic medicines will detoxify the liver and will restore normal estrogen levels, thus decreasing naturally the discomfort and pain in the breasts.

There are over 50 homeopathic medicines for fibrocystic breasts. They work best when they fit your individual symptoms.

  • Calcarea carbonica - large breasts swollen and tender before periods; tendency to overweight, heavy periods and uterine fibroids
  • Calcarea fluorica - small and hard breast lumps; uterine fibroids; ptosis(prolapse) of the female pelvic viscera; hemorrhoids, varicose veins.
  • Conium maculatum - stony hard lumps in small, prematurely withered breasts; short and late periods.
  • Folliculinum - swollen and painful breasts before periods due to too much estrogen
  • Iodum - small flat breasts with lumps; thyroid gland disorders
  • Phytolacca - heavy, hard, swollen and tender breasts; a woman with painful periods and heavy blood flow.

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