Homeopathy and the Holidays

Most of us know too well that any attempt at healthy eating goes sailing out of the window during the holiday season. That’s a time for us to gather with family and friends to celebrate but unfortunately it is also a time for overeating and weight gain.

A few homeopathic medicines can alleviate quickly the symptoms of overeating and prevent hangover.

How to use homeopathy during the holiday season?

Nux vomica 30C

Nux vomica is the homeopathic hangover cure. Keep in mind this medicine if you like drinking alcohol but you want to avoid hangover the next morning. Take 5 pellets before the party, 5 pellets after the party is over and another 5 pellets the next morning.

Chelidonium 6C

Chelidonium will relieve gall bladder pain after eating too much fried and fatty foods. Take 5 pellets three times a day for a few days if you have gall bladder stones or biliary dyskinesia. If you suffer from chronic gall bladder disorders ask your homeopathic doctor for a drain liver formula containing several homeopathic medicines in low dilutions and take them for a couple of months to improve liver and gall bladder function.

Antimonium crudum 6C

Antimonium crudum is the homeopathic medicine that you need when you are bloated after eating and you ask yourself "Why did I overeat...again?” It provides an immediate relief to those who experience bloating and diarrhea after overeating.
Take 5 pellets of Antimonium crudum three or four times a day.

And have a happy holiday season!

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