Self-help for Hay Fever

When to start the homeopathic treatment for hay fever

The best time to start the treatment is a few weeks before the hay fever season is likely to begin. Early prevention can keep your allergic rhinitis mild.

Treatment before hay fever season

The homeopathic "antihistamines" that decrease allergic reaction`s intensity are called Apis and Histamine. Several university studies confirmed their efficacy in allergic conditions.

Take 5 pellets of Apis mellifica 30C and Histamine 30C three times a day for a couple of months before your hay fever symptoms start.

Treatment during hay fever season

When hay fever symptoms have already started, the treatment choice depends on the intensity of your allergic reaction:

If you have mild symptoms, you can try a complex homeopathic medicine for hay fever as soon as the runny nose and eyes start bothering you again.

A complex preparation is a mixture of the most common homeopathic medicines for a certain health condition. It is a self - help product for fast relief of mild symptoms.

Some reliable complex homeopathic medicines for hay fever include Sabadil, Bio-Allers Tree Pollen, Pollinosan and Luffa compositum. They have to be taken 3-6 times daily during the entire pollen season. Some of them contain homeopathic dilutions of the most common pollen types in the USA and can also be used for early prevention of hay fever.

If you have a family history of allergies and / or severe symptoms, the complex preparations will not help you much because they work best for mild nasal and eye symptoms. In moderate and severe hay fever you need a homeopathic practitioner`s help. He will give you a prescription tailored to your specific case. Homeopathy is a holistic treatment and the medicines will decrease not only your allergic symptoms but will also improve your overall health.

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