Treating Colds and Flu the Natural Way

Homeopathy has a lot of medicines for the treatment of colds and flu. They have a long history of success in treating the flu. During the Spanish Flu in 1918 which was caused by H1N1 influenza A, the mortality rate of patients treated with conventional drugs was above 30%, and the mortality rate of patients treated with homeopathy was 1.05% only.

Why use homeopathy for colds and flu?

There are many reasons we choose and use homeopathy for colds and flu. Homeopathic medicines are very fast acting and effective with no side effects.

They are made from plants, animals and minerals. Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system, decrease the duration and intensity of flu symptoms, and prevent complications. They are a safe alternative for young children and pregnant women. You can buy them over-the-counter in health food stores.

Homeopathic treatment is individualized. The duration of flu symptoms vary from person to person because of the varying strength in their immune systems. Each individual experiences different symptoms and needs a homeopathic medicine tailored to meet his particular case.

The most common homeopathic medicines for colds and flu can be easily distinguished by the type of fever and symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines for high fever with sudden onset

  • Aconitum is useful in the early stage of a cold or flu. Sudden onset of symptoms, usually at night after an exposure to cold. High-grade fever and shivering, red dry skin, restless and anxious person.
  • Belladonna - sudden onset of symptoms with high-grade fever that goes up and down, flushed face with profuse sweating. The person is sensitive to light. The Belladonna state very often follows Aconitum once the fever goes down and the person begins to sweat.

Homeopathic medicines for gradual onset of cold and flu symptoms and continuous fever

  • Gelsemium - the symptoms usually start gradually. The patient is chilly, shivering, dull and sluggish. Dull headache at the back of the neck. Lack of thirst despite the continuous fever and profuse sweating
  • Bryonia - extreme dryness of mucous membranes with intense thirst for large quanities of water.The patient tries to stay still in bed because every movement is painful. Frontal headache. Bryonia patient is irritable (Gelsemium patient is apathetic and drowsy)
  • Rhus tox - patient with fever, stiffness of the joints and restless in bed because movement relieves the joint pain. Colds and flu often start after getting wet in the rain.
  • Eupatorium - intense muscle and bone pain as if bones were broken. Pain when applying pressure on the eyeballs.

Homeopathic medicine for low-grade fever

  • Ferrum phos - gradual onset of vague symptoms; the person is feeling tired. Low-grade fever with pale or pink face, the face`s color depends on the fever. Colds and flu are sometimes followed by an earache or painful dry cough.

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